An East African man holds up a little boy smiling at each other

Why we do it

Transform Alliance Africa envisions a future where Africa is free of orphanages, and all children belong and are nurtured in secure and loving families.

Only families can provide the love, sense of belonging and identity that children require to thrive. It is only through families that children can have the freedom to play, learn and build trust within their communities.

Currently, around the world, approximately 5.4 million children are being raised in orphanages. Studies have indicated that up to 80% of these children have at least one living parent. Unfortunately, families and communities have been broken apart due to war, poverty, and illness.

For over a century, evidence has consistently shown that orphanages have negative effects on children, communities, and the continent. They are not only unnecessary, but they are also a poor investment.

Where to next?

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