Apply for membership of Transform Alliance Africa

Apply online by filling in the application form below. You will need to have your cover letter and supporting documents ready.

Your cover letter should include:

  • a brief overview of your background and key areas of work (in the case of an organisation, your vision, mission and objectives)
  • the reasons why you would like to join the Alliance
  • a recommendation from a current TAA member organisation or from another organisation
  • how you see yourself contributing to TAA’s vision and mission.  

For organisational Full or Associate member applications only, your supporting documents should include (whenever possible, in English and printed on the organisation’s letterhead paper and signed by the representative):

  • Current work Programme
  • Annual Report
  • Copy of Child Protection/Child Safeguarding Policy
  • Organization Registration Certificate
  • A letter stating your organisation’s commitment to the Vision, Mission, objectives and membership rules of TAA
  • A written reference proving that the organisation is in ‘good standing’ (e.g. from peer organisations)

If you apply as a Friend of TAA, your supporting documents should include (whenever possible, in English):

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