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We are a coalition of over 20 member organisations from 12 countries across Africa, all committed to working towards an Africa free from orphanages. Discover more about each of our members by country below.

Brave Aurora logoBraveAurora

A non-profit, independent organization working since 2009 to support children, families through sustainable community-based initiatives in Ghana. We work closely with state and non-state child protection partners in care reform and specifically on de-institutionalization. Additionally, we encourage and support appropriate alternative family-based care for children without adequate parental care through case management services and advocacy.

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partnership for family strengthening logoPartnership for Family Strengthening

Is a Christian non-governmental organization based in Ghana and established to ensure the prevention of family breakdown.  The organization works to establish mentoring programs especially in deprived public schools and thus provide a safety net for the most vulnerable and at-risk youngsters, it supports individuals, organizations, networks and governments in establishing Child Care Systems that provide sound and cost-effective Family Breakdown prevention solutions and  engages Civil Society organizations, especially FBOs, to ensure that an effective child care system is implemented across Ghana, and the world at large.

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child in family focus logoChild in Family Focus (CFF)

Is a registered NGO championing family based care for orphaned and vulnerable children. CFF works with like-minded stakeholders and Government to reduce reliance on institutional care by leading coherent care reform that prioritises prevention of separation of children from their families and strengthening alternative family care
for children.

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The tree of life logoFondazione L’Albero della Vita – The Tree of Life

The organization promotes effective actions aimed at ensuring well-being, protecting and promoting human rights, encouraging the development of vulnerable children, their families and their communities. We support the de-institutionalization process in Kenya and the promotion of AFC options, with focus on Foster and Kinship Care.

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FAMadagascar logoFAMadagascar

FAMadagascar is a not for profit organisation which aims to both protect and advocate for a child’s right to be part of a loving family as stipulated in the United Nations Convention on the rights of the child. FAMadagascar seeks to advocate for true justice for families and children by helping families in crisis in order to prevent child abandonment. FAMadagascar also facilitates in-country kinship care or foster care for children at risk, empowering local Malagasy communities to be the answer

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Tutela Africa LogoTutela Africa

We are passionate about children having a safe family to live with. Tutela is a non-profit child protection organisation, registered in Mozambique since 2018. Our pilot work involves supporting struggling families to stay together and give better care. And for children who are abandoned, we provide them with caring foster families as a viable alternative to orphanage care. We provide safe and nurturing family-based care for children who reality need it, enabling them to belong in a family and thrive in life.

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AVSI foundation logoAVSI Foundation

A non-profit NGO working in 30 countries throughout the world. AVSI Rwanda involves families and communities to empower themselves and become protagonists of their own destiny by working to improve the capacities of the communities, schools, educators and families who help children discover their inherent potential.

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Ubumwe community centre logoThe Ubumwe Community Center

Is a local organization based in Rwanda, set up to help persons with disability find their abilities, we are now becoming an inclusive community through our pre-school and primary school, and Community Based Living program for children and young adults with severe disability who used to live in Noel orphanage, now closed.

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HCW logo    Helping Children Wordwide (HCW)

Helping Children Worldwide (HCW) empowers local partners at The Child Reintegration Centre in Sierra Leone in striving to ensure that every child grows up in a safe, loving and permanent family. We provide access to education, healthcare, and resources that lift vulnerable families out of poverty and crisis, and then focus on programs that strengthen families through case management, counseling, coaching, training and mentorship to empower them to care for themselves. Our local partners also provide transition support services designed to train and equip orphanage leaders to transition from residential care of children to family-based programs, as well as providing curriculum to equip social workers to reintegrate children and reunify the families that they serve, through workshops, coaching and mentorship.

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GCF logoGive a Child a Family (GCF)

Is a Child Protection Organization working in countries across Africa. GCF take a holistic approach, making the child the center of the programs. We provide services to children and families at risk: temporary safe care, child protection services and development and training that builds capacity in other organizations.

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Hope and Homes for Children logoOne Child One Family | Hope and Homes for Children South Africa

Is an international organisation working in partnership with governments and partner NGOs, across 4 continents, to catalyse the eradication of institutional care of children. We work to consolidate political will for reform, to develop the know-how on the transition from institutional care to family and community based care. We build the capacity of the social workforce to support families and children and we help governments to secure funding for transition.

Children in orphanages and those at risk of separation are at the heart of everything we do. Their transition into families and alternative family care is helping us to assist partner Governments to design robust child protection and care systems, effective in preventing children’s separation and providing suitable alternative care for children who need that. Our national teams from Rwanda, Sudan and South Africa are part of the Transform Alliance.

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WRA logoWomen Relief Organization (WRO)

Women Relief Organization (WRO) is a national women led NGO registered in South Sudan in 2017 and dedicated to working with the children and women to make them realize their full potential. WRO works across most of the states of South Sudan promoting social cohesion and empowering communities to tackle issues affecting children and women. We provide immediate assistance to children and women affected by disaster and conflict while partnering with communities for long-term solutions to alleviate children and women suffering.

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shamaa logoShamaa

Is a non-profit NGO Community Based Organization based in Sudan. The organization cares for abandoned, and unaccompanied children. We are working to end institutional care by providing family based care solutions to children without parental care.

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Pamoja Leo logoPamoja Leo

Pamoja Leo is based in Tanga, Tanzania with a mission to transform care for orphaned and vulnerable children. We do this by empowering women in local communities who are caring for orphaned, abandoned or abused and providing family strengthening services focusing on early childhood period. We support the establishment of fit families, developing technology-based solutions to support orphanage care reform, our goal is to ensure every child knows the love of a family.

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Railway Children logoRailway Children Africa

Railway Children Africa (RCA) is registered as an NGO in Tanzania and has been operating in Tanzania since 2010, with strategic goal of- strengthening systems, creating, and demonstrating, effective and sustainable solutions for at risk and hard-to-reach children and their communities. Over the past 5 years, our work has contributed to reduction in the number of children on the streets from over 10,000 to less than 6,000. In that time, we supported the safe reintegration of more than 5,000 children from the streets.  

The incorporation of ecosystem approach in our reintegration work has increased our reintegration success rate from 50% of children still being at home after 1 year, to now close to 90% of children remaining safely at home and in school. We have applied our reintegration work to support reintegration of children in orphanages and supported government to identify, vet and support more than 300 ‘fit persons’ and supported 2 districts to prioritize fit person care for children without parental care contributing to reduction of children ending in institutional care.  

RCA has also pioneered the establishment of National Alliance to Strengthen Families and Alternative Family Based Care that is determined to increase the availability of alternative family-based care including foster care, adoption, and kinship care. 

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Child's i foundation logoChild’s i Foundation (CiF)

In Uganda, more than 50,000 children are growing up in orphanages. Nearly all have family. Orphanages make orphans out of children. Every day, families are forced to give up children in the promise of a better life. Children lose their childhoods and their life chances.

Child’s i Foundation helps children return to families by rebuilding family support systems. We work with partners to create foster care networks that keep children out of orphanages. We help repurpose orphanages into services that meet local needs: preventing family separation, reuniting families or placing children with safe adoptive parents. We work with the Government to build the capacity of a national social workforce across Uganda, and help a nation reimagine the care of its most vulnerable citizens.

At Child’s i Foundation we make families, not orphans.

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Home free logoHome Free

This is a Registered Canadian Charity helping children grow up in safe and loving families in Uganda. With over 50,000 children in orphanages across the country, Home Free is working to provide a much-needed alternative. By strengthening families, making new families through reunification, foster care, and adoption, and repurposing orphanages, Home Free is working to realize a day when every child grows up in a safe and loving family. Home Free currently reaches 6,000 children and parents/guardians through its programs.

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nyaka logoNyaka

Nyaka, established in 2001, works with communities to nurture and protect children so they can learn, grow, and thrive. Nyaka surrounds each child with a comprehensive support model, comprised of interrelated programs developed and led by our community. Nyaka’s holistic approach consists of four key programs: the Education Program, the Grandmother Program, the Health Program, and the Sexual and Gender- Based Violence (SGBV) Program, which was formerly known as EDJA.

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ZNCWC logoZimbabwe National Council for the Welfare of Children (ZNCWC)

ZNCWC was established in 1968 and an umbrella body for the child rights sector in Zimbabwe. Its major thrust is lobbying and advocacy, capacity building of membership, quality assurance on child-oriented initiatives, child participation and research. ZNCWC has an Observer Status with the African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child. Currently its membership stands at over 120 organizations countrywide. The organization seeks to bring into mainstream all the institutions working in the child rights sector for effective coordination and collaboration in child care and protection. The organization manages programs in child and youth participation, disability rights advocacy and promotion of education as well as Covid-19 humanitarian projects.


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