Proudly Introducing Transform Alliance Africa (TAA)

In November 2016, 33 child protection actors representing 11 organizations from Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda met in Kampala, Uganda. It is within this vibrant forward looking meeting that the idea of a regional alliance was birthed. After intensive and exciting discussions the alliance was christened Transform Alliance Africa (TAA).

We are a coalition of organizations who believe in an Africa free of orphanages where all children belong and grow up in safe and loving families.

We are a collectively growing alliance of specialist national organizations working across the region. The Alliance brings together our collective voices, knowledge, practice, passion and experiences to strengthen families and communities to catalyze the end of institutional care of children in Africa.

We work in partnership with communities and governments to understand why children are separated from their parents and placed in orphanages and to provide suitable solutions to respond to children’s needs and circumstances so that we can replace orphanages with effective and sustainable child protection systems.

We base our approach on the evidence of what is best for children. Together we demonstrate how it is possible for every child, including those who cannot return home, and those children with disabilities or other challenges, to live in the care and protection of a family within inclusive safe communities.

To find out why we do this, take a look at this video.

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