Transform Alliance Celebrates One Year

Remarkable progress

It’s been a year since we formed Transform Alliance Africa. We are committed to realising our vision of an Africa, free of orphanages, where all children belong and grow up in safe and loving families.

We met in Kigali for our annual get-together and share our achievements. It’s amazing what can be achieved by a small and committed group of passionate organisations and we are very proud to share our top 5 achievements over the past 12 months.

We have an identity

Thanks to our friends at Proxy we now have a beautiful logo symbolising co-operation and partnership and values we live by to help us achieve our vision of an Africa free of orphanages.

TAA Logo

We embrace

We are go

We are positive

We respect

We were on TV

TAA partners Child’s i Foundation and Hope and Homes for Children were featured on Bloomberg’s Time for Global Action to showcase the work we are doing transforming the district to eliminate the need for orphanages.

We developed a Q&A brochure

These are the questions we get asked all the time. We didn’t make the up the answers, they are based on scientific research and years and years of our collective experience working across Africa. We’re very proud to share this and would love you to share with everyone you know.

We have a strategy to change hearts and minds

Now this took a gigantic effort to develop a strategy which all TAA country members agreed to AND THEN developed their own country strategies to feed into the masterplan.

After hours of skype calls, rewrites and negotiations we have a plan to try and convince Governments, donors, NGO’s and faith based organisations to commit to all children in Africa growing up in families.  Now we just need to execute it…

The First Lady of Uganda and the Secretary General of the Commonwealth in Kampala committed to no child left behind.

“We are talking about today is quite extraordinarily the life chances of over 8 million children in our world who are currently in institutional care. It is so important that we are here to talk about the children in all the Commonwealth countries and stop a tsunami of pain, injury and harm” 

Baroness Scotland QC, Secretary General Commonwealth

TAA members were invited to present at a High Level Meeting on Children  hosted by the First Lady of Uganda Hon. Janet K. Museveni and Baroness Scotland QC, Secretary General Commonwealth at the 9th Commonwealth Youth Ministers’ Meeting in Uganda in the lead up to the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting.

We called for the Ugandan Government to ban the establishment of new orphanages, share practice and learning and encourage donors to invest in the transition of children into families and communities.

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